How much data loss is a “near zero” data loss

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You have probably heard that SQL Server AlwaysON Availability Group provides a near zero data loss. But it is very important to understand what does it mean. Are you not losing any data at all in case of failover? Are you able to make such a promise? Or you are going to lose some data in some scenarios? To give an answer to yourself or to your customers, you need to understand how the Availability Group works and what happens in case you need to perform failover, when are you able to guarantee near zero data loss. In this session, I am going to describe the availability group commit and failover process and in case you are forced to perform a failover how to be understand the amount of data that have been lost.

Magi Naumova is SQL Server Architect and Consultant, speaker and trainer, Microsoft Certified Master, Data Platform MVP, MCT, Founder of SQL Master Academy, founder and the leader of the Bulgarian SQL User group. She has more than 15 years SQL Server training and consulting experience. Magi is a former member of Microsoft Services Worldwide Technical Leadership Team, а Microsoft Women worth watching

Currently she is running her own consulting company focused entirely on SQL Server Data Platform. Her unique SQL Master Academy training program has helped hundreds of specialists to feel knowledgeable in their daily work or to find an inspirational career path in the world of SQL Server.

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