The Secret of Engaging Presentations

Hristov Boris

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15:15 - 16:15
001 (90)

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Have you recently been at a boring presentation? And what about one that got your attention and kept you on the edge of your chair? Why did that happen? Can you too create such an engaging presentation? In this session we will take a look behind the scenes. We will go deep into what makes a presentation memorable and I will show you what is the "formula" that will not only explain you why some presentations are talked about, but also, how you can apply this "algorithm" and make sure that your talks will be truly effective. Yes, we use this "trick" in the presentations we create for our customers and yes, one of them just recently closed a multimillion dollar deal because of it! Should be fun, right?

Boris is the Founder of 356labs - a boutique presentation design & training agency. He has delivered sessions in 25+ countries and has been rated as "Top Speaker" numerous times. Boris has years of experience as a trainer and has trained and coached not just students, but also people from the IT, sales, marketing and managment field in topics ranging from presentation skills and storytelling through the psychology behind slide design.

He founded 356labs in September 2015 and less than 2 years later, his company now works for brands like Deutsche Telekom, KPMG, Unicredit Bulbank, PwC, Roche and a lot more, helping them prepare and deliver truly effective presentations. In 2016, 356labs also became the only presentation agency in the world to speak at the biggest yearly conference of Microsoft - Microsoft Ignite - which was held in Atlanta and had more than 25 000 vistors.


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