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QA engineer working at company Vega It Sourcing, in Novi Sad.

I have graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy, Department of Journalism. I worked for several years as a journalist. I have been avery good at my job, always investigating, researching, searching... for soemthing new that can occupy the readers. However, after some time, I've realized that I was still looking for my "place under the Sun". So I've enrolled at the new college, Higher Technical School of Professional Studies, Department of Information Technology, and discovered the world of coding, programming, testing. In it, I am successfully swimming even though I was more oriented to social sciences during high school days.

Last year (2016), I got a proposal to hold a lecture at first Serbian Test Conference, which was held in Belgrade and organised by Supernova Events. I was honored to be part of this event, because, for the first time, Serbia got a meetup place where QA engineers could share and gather the knowledge. Also, I was one of the people contributing in creation of agenda.

Also, I took a lecture at Ignite event in Novi Sad, "Women in IT", where I have presented the role of QA engineer walking in ladies shoes.

I think that QA engineers are the team members who must have wide knowledge (of several programming languages, back-end and front-end, testing tools, sql...) in order to find issues in application/software and therefor make sure that quality of it is as expected (and more). Buggy day, my favourite day ;)

At the moment, I am spreading my knowledge related to front-end development and I have enrolled the master studies of Digital Forenzics. I hope that, one day, I will get an opportunity to make a sinergy from all of the fields of my interests.

If someone thinks that I am just learning, learning, learning... Well, maybe he/she is right :) But, that's not all! I am vey sportive. I have trained basketball for many years and now I am long distance runner.

The quote that I really like is: "The truth runs marathons. The lie runs sprints."

I think that, if you want to make something from yourself, you have to take a long run, be persistent, stubborn and patiente.

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